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New York

CNN anchor and chief national affairs analyst Kasie Hunt and husband Matthew Mario Rivera welcomed their second child to the world last week in an unforgettable way.

Their daughter, Grey Hunt Rivera, was born at home on Wednesday morning after just 13 minutes of sudden labor — before there was time to call the paramedics.

Grey’s arrival was first reported by People.

“Grey is already showing us her independent streak. We were expecting her to arrive via a scheduled C section on Thursday morning,” said Hunt and Rivera of the early arrival. “She had other plans!”

Instead of the planned hospital birth, Rivera found himself delivering baby Grey on the bathroom floor. After a successful delivery, the couple was able to contact 911 operators and the DC Fire and EMS team for additional help. “Step-by-step, they talked us through the incredibly intense moments right after she was born and as she took her first breaths,” said Hunt.

“Thank you to the firefighters and paramedics on the scene who treated mom and baby at home and then brought us safely to Sibley Hospital in Washington,” they said. “It’s a day we’ll never forget!”

Grey Hunt Rivera was born on Wednesday, March 1 at a healthy 8 pounds and 4 ounces.

Baby Grey is now safe at home along with her big brother, Mars, 3, who they say can’t stop talking about his little sister.

“We’re so excited about life as a family of four — and reminded it’s going to be that much more unpredictable!” said Hunt and Rivera.


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