French government forces through pension reforms sparking anger in parliament | CNN


The French government has triggered special constitutional powers to push through controversial pension reforms, French Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne announced Thursday.

The National Assembly – the lower house of the country’s parliament – erupted into chaotic scenes as Borne fought to be heard over chants from lawmakers calling for the government to stand down.

Lawmakers in France’s lower house were due to vote on the bill Thursday afternoon. However, the session was stopped early for Borne’s announcement.

The government does not have enough support to pass the bill in the lower house, but a clause in the French constitution means it can enact legislation without an outright majority.

Since the 2022 election, the government has been forced to use this power several times to push through bills.

Borne singled out far-right lawmakers in the lower house for not backing the legislation, which was voted through by the French senate earlier Thursday.

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