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Harry Styles will be required to participate in the 2023 New Zealand census because he has a concert in Auckland the same night.

The census, conducted every five years, will take place on March 7. Everyone in the country, including overseas visitors, are required to take part.

The New Zealand census account on Twitter confirmed the news, writing, “CC: the country. Thank you for this important query. Everyone who is in Aotearoa New Zealand on census night (Tuesday 7 March), needs to be counted in the census. This includes tourists, visitors, and former members of One Direction.”

Attached was an “artist’s impression” of Styles filling out his census form.

The questions Styles will have to answer range from household members to smoking habits, gender identity, sexual identity, and his income. All answers remain confidential.

Anyone who does not participate or provides false or incomplete information is subject to a fine.


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