Kumar Satyam from India designated as International Ambassador for University of Bologna, Italy

Kumar Satyam inside library at University of Bologna

Kumar Satyam, who is a student of Masters in Applied Physics has been appointed as International Student Ambassador for University of Bologna. In this role, Satyam will serve as a representative of the university to the international community, and will work to promote the university and its programs to incoming students.

Mr. Satyam hails from Fulwariya, a village in Motihari Jurisdriction in Bihar, India. He completed his school and college from there. He came to Italy last year.

The student diaspora in Italy celebrated this event with much fanfare. They reposted their faith that Mr. Satyam will be of great help for the Indian students in Italy and he’ll reach out a helping hand in times of need to the freshers students.

Kumar Satyam with his collegues at an event in University of Bologna
In Pic: Kumar Satyam with his collegues at an event in University of Bologna

Satyam, who is currently studying at the University of Bologna, said that he is excited and honored to be chosen as the International Ambassador. He said that he will use this position to help other students to pursue their academic dreams in Europe with extra focus on students from developing countries, and to promote the University of Bologna as a top destination for international students. He emphasises that 21st century is the century of Information age and today exists a huge disparity to access of information between privileged and unprivileged which need to be addressed. The bright student sitting in the remote corner of Indian or African subcontinent might not be aware about the scholarships, opportunities and possibilities the European Union offers so we ought to reach out to them. He cited the example of Elon Musk, who came to the West from his native South Africa to study, and has gone on to become a pioneer in the fields of electric cars and space exploration. “If Elon Musk hadn’t been given the opportunity to study in the West, it’s possible that electric cars and SpaceX would still be distant dreams,” Satyam said.

The University of Bologna, which is one of the oldest and most prestigious universities in Europe, expressed its pleasure and faith in Satyam’s selection as the International Ambassador. “We are very pleased to have Kumar Satyam as our International Ambassador, and we have full confidence in his ability to represent the university and promote its programs and initiatives to a global audience,”said a university spokesperson.

Kumar Satyam inside library at University of Bologna
In Pic: Kumar Satyam inside library at University of Bologna

As the International Ambassador, Satyam will work closely with the university’s international office, and will be responsible for representing the university at events, conferences, and other occasions. He will also serve as a mentor and guide to other international students at the university, and will help them to navigate the challenges of studying abroad.

Satyam’s selection as the International Ambassador is a testament to his hard work and dedication, and is a great honor for him and for the University of Bologna. He is looking forward to using his position to make a positive impact on the lives of other students, and to help more students from developing countries pursue their academic dreams in Europe.

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