Live updates: Alex Murdaugh trial closing arguments

Prosecutor Creighton Waters speaks during closing arguments on Wednesday, March 1. (Joshua Boucher/The State/AP)

Lead prosecutor Creighton Waters, resuming his closing argument Wednesday afternoon, said “family weapons” were used to commit the double murders on the Murdaugh estate.

Waters said that the “forensic evidence” that was presented as evidence during the trial supports this theory.

He pointed to testimony from a weapons expert that said that casings for bullets from a Blackout rifle that were discovered near the body of Alex Murdaugh’s wife Maggie matched casings found on other parts of the family’s property by investigators.

Waters noted that this weapon went missing and Murdaugh cannot account for it.

“A family Blackout killed Maggie. It was present just a couple months prior to the murders and it’s gone now. A family weapon the defendant cannot account for killed Maggie.”

Paul Murdaugh was killed by shots from one of his “favorite guns,” Waters said.

The prosecutor said that investigators determined that two fired shells that killed Paul had “class characteristics” that were similar to a 12-gauge shotgun that the Murdaugh son favored.

He added that Alex Murdaugh had this shotgun with him on the night of the killings and that “Maggie’s DNA and blood” were found on the receiver of the gun.

The presence of the family weapons and their links to the deaths, Waters said, show “the defendant had the means to commit these crimes.”

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