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Ukrainians have reported attacks in the Bilohorivka and Kreminna areas in the eastern Luhansk region of Ukraine.

“There is constant shelling of our de-occupied settlements along the front line, despite the fact that there are many civilians in some settlements,” Serhiy Hayday, head of the Luhansk regional military administration, said. “The enemy is well aware of this and still it shells with heavy caliber weapons.”

For the past two months, the front lines close to the border of Luhansk and Kharkiv regions have seen heavy exchanges of fire as well as fighting in the forests west of Kreminna, which is held by the Russians.

“They also have a lot of Lancet kamikaze drones, and they are trying to use them to search for positions and equipment and to inflict fire,” Hayday said.

There has also been heavy fighting east of the town of Kupyansk, which is in the same zone.

The Ukrainian State Border Guard Service released video of aerial reconnaissance in the area, saying that over the past few days 117 drone reconnaissance flights had helped fix artillery fire.

In the northern region of Kharkiv, several civilians had been wounded in Russian rocket attacks, the General Staff said. It reported heavy shelling along the front line that runs north-south on the Luhansk-Kharkiv border. 

Southwest of Donetsk city, “the enemy conducted unsuccessful offensive actions,” according to the General Staff.

CNN has geolocated video published by one Ukrainian brigade showing several Russian tanks and fighting vehicles being struck near the town of Avdiivka.

“In the Zaporizhzhia and Kherson directions, the enemy is defending,” the General Staff said, but “in some areas, it is trying to create conditions for an offensive.” 

The General Staff said Russian artillery had fired at more than 40 settlements in the long front line that runs from Donetsk through Zaporizhzhia and into Kherson.

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