Two killed and 53 people trapped at collapsed coal mine in China | CNN


Chinese President Xi Jinping has ordered a search and rescue for 53 people trapped at a collapsed coal mine in Inner Mongolia, Chinese state media CCTV reported Wednesday.

Two people have been killed and six injured in the collapse that took place earlier in the day on Wednesday in Alxa Left Banner in Inner Mongolia, according to CCTV.

Authorities have mobilized 51 trucks, 223 fire fighters and 6 rescue dogs to the scene from across the Inner Mongolia autonomous region.

“We must make every possible effort to rescue the missing persons and treat the injured,” Xi said as quoted by Reuters.

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang called for an immediate investigation into the cause of the accident, according to the news agency.

The collapsed coal mine is owned by Xinjing Coal Mining Company and is located in the town of Alxa League.

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